Colorful Polyimdie Film

The polyimide film is rich in color, such as amber、black、red、green and colorless polyimide. We are able to supply the thinnest 7um and the thickest 225um thickness according to the customer's requirement. The long-term working temperature is as low as -260℃ and as high as 260℃. What is polyimide film? It is the excellent heating-resistant material with the characteristics of high insulation, excellent mechanical property, chemical stability, radiation resistance, self-extinguishing and so on. It has the highest UL-94 flammability rating: V-0 and environment-friendly with halogen-free, the content of heavy and another limited organic compound has reached the State protection Standard. Apply to electric parts, mechanical components, electrical insulation, heat-resisting pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, insulating lining, composite insulation. If you want to know the market of polyimide film price, welcome to contact us!

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