HTPI Far-Infrared Polyimide Flexible Heating Module

HTPI far-infrared polyimide flexible heating module is a polyimide composite material with high-temperature resistance, high mechanical properties, and high far-infrared radiation intensity. Formed by thermal pressing of polyimide heating film and polyimide insulation film, the conductive polyimide composite film and copper foil are firmly connected by thermal pressing. Adopting AC, DC at the same time, the electric heating temperature range is wide, strong controllability, heating up fast, rose to a high temperature in a short time, high cooling rate, power outages, quick downhill to room temperature, and component materials uniform temperature change, flexible polyimide heater plate also has the function of far infrared, emit far infrared ray has the function of physical therapy heating and fungicidal poison. In addition, for Chinese herbal medicine, agricultural products, seafood drying, nutritional ingredients are well preserved.